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Bringing our family love of plants to everyone. Our goal is to help all plant enthusiasts care and love for the things that bring us joy.

A Ficus Tineke, Tillandsia Xerographica, Aglaonema, Red and Brown Cryptanthus, and Peperomia Caperata ‘Schumi Red’.


Growing up, as young girls our mother would ask us to help her put mayonnaise on the leaves of her plants. It’s an old wives trick to shine plant leaves. We never understood why we were putting mayonnaise on leaves, we just loved helping our mom with her plants. It was a fun Saturday afternoon when we got to water, prune, cut back, propagate, move plants in and out, rearrange for better lighting, etc… We have so many fond childhood memories of keeping houseplants and gardening that we turned it into a way of life.

Now, we are bringing that way of life to others. Our goal at All About Houseplants is to help families make new memories together, and it all starts with houseplant care. We will provide tips, tricks, care guides, natural environment information, and as much as we can to aid in all levels of plant enthusiasts houseplant care. We hope to open your eyes and minds to a whole new world!

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