All About Anthurium Radicans X Luxurians

Quilted Heart Plant

The Anthurium Radicans X Luxurians is a man-made hybrid with heart-shaped leaves that emerge a bronze to rose gold color and change to dark green as they age.

This blooming houseplant is also called the Quilted Heart Plant due to the corrugated leaves that look similar to Monstera Peru.

This Anthurium produces a dark purple inflorescence.

anthurium radican x luxurians

How To Care for Anthurium Radicans X Luxurians

Anthuriums are generally easy to care for and the Radicans X Luxurians hybrid is no exception.

These quilted plants are native to Latin America and thrive in bright indirect light but can tolerate low to medium light.

Water them thoroughly when the soil is dry. They also prefer higher humidity levels but can tolerate low humidity.

If you see wilting or browning leaf edges, that indicates under-watering.

Read on to learn more about caring for Radicans X Luxurians……

USDA Zone 11-12

Water thoroughly once the top half of the soil is dry. If you are unsure, stick your finger in the soil. Too much water can cause root rot.

These can grow quite large if allowed. However, pruning will keep them smaller.

Grows best in low-medium, indirect light. Morning sun can be tolerated if not too strong.

Use a well-draining soil mix. An easy recipe is 1 part Orchid bark, 1 part compost, and 1 part coconut coir. Alternatively, mix 1/4 Orchid bark into regular potting soil.

This plant thrives in humidity levels of 50% or higher.

Anthuriums are toxic and not safe. Do not ingest and teach children and pets to leave it alone.

Fertilize every three months during the growing season with Green Grub Insect Frass. You can either make a compost tea to water with every time or sprinkle a layer of fertilizer on top of the soil. If using a synthetic fertilizer, use a 1-2-1 ratio.

Propagate by stem cuttings and offsets. Read on for propagation instructions.

Radicans X Luxurians cutting

How to Propagate Anthurium Radicans X Luxurians

Propagating the Radicans X Luxurians is simple. Just follow the directions below.

1. Take a stem cutting from your plant with at least one node on it.

2. Place the stem one inch deep into a propagation mix or into a cup of water for water rooting.

3. Keep the soil moist and warm for best rooting conditions and you should have growth in a couple of weeks. You can use this method to create new plants from cuttings or to fill out a current plant and make it larger and bushier.

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