All About Aluminum Pilea Care

All About Aluminum Pilea Care

Pilea cadierei, Watermelon Pilea

The Pilea Cadierei, or Friendship Plant gets its playful nickname from how easily and rapidly it grows roots from propagation and is spread among friends. The name Aluminum comes from the silver variegation on the leaves. The Aluminum Pileas are fun to grow and provide a nice contrast of foliage.

The Aluminum Pilea has deep green-colored foliage with silvery spots and heavily textured leaves. These beauties grow little white-pink flowers when they are in bloom.

One feature that also makes this plant highly desirable is that it is non-toxic and Pet Safe. Read on to learn all about caring for Aluminum Pilea.

All About Aluminum Pilea Care

Care Tips for Aluminum Pilea

Pilea Cadierei is native to China and Vietnam where they can reach 24 feet tall! However, most hobbyists prune regularly to maintain a compact, bushy appearance. Without yearly pruning, these can get quite leggy and less attractive. Regular pinching back is another alternative to keep Aluminum pilea plants bushy.

As the stems mature they become woody, similar to a thin tree branch, and the new growth has the usual green stem often seen in young plants. Mature plants will generally have a woody base (stems near the roots) with thin green stems growing leaves.

They have thin, dense roots that spread quickly. Once mature, division is necessary every few years to maintain pot size.

Aluminum Pilea grows best in bright, indirect light. They tolerate low light well but will have leggy growth as they try to reach for the sun.

Care Summary

How to propagate aluminum pilea

How to Propagate Aluminum Pilea

Propagating the Aluminum Pilea is a piece of cake and will help maintain a bushy appearance! Just follow the directions below.

1. Take a stem cutting from your plant that has three to four leaves on it.

2. Place the stem one inch deep into a potting mix or into a cup of water for water rooting.

3. Keep the soil moist and warm for best rooting conditions and you should have growth in a couple of weeks. You can use this method to create new plants from cuttings or to fill out a current plant and make it larger and bushier.

Photo courtesy of Houseplant Collection

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