All About Tillandsia Gardneri

All About Tillandsia Gardneri

Tillandsia Gardneri is one of my favorite air plants. This gorgeous Tillandsia has prominent trichomes that give the plant soft, velvety leaves and a silver sheen. The leaves are long and triangular-shaped. Younger leaves point upward and the older leaves fold down around the base of the plant.

When in bloom, Gardneri sports up to 12 inflorescences that each have small tubular flowers. The flowers range from soft pink to bright red. Check out this image of the Gardneri blooms.

Gardneri is native to dry regions of Trinidad, Tobago, Venezuela, Columbia, and Brazil where it grows on trees, cliff sides, and anything else it can attach to. It thrives in areas near sea level and also mountain tops. The prominent trichomes serve as a sunscreen that reflects the intense UV rays at high altitudes and enable it to collect every bit of moisture available.

Although it is not listed as an endangered species, Gardneri numbers have dropped dramatically due to illegal collection from its natural habitats. It is essential to purchase from a reputable grower and insure the plant hasn’t been poached.

All About Caring for Gardneri

Taking care of these fuzzy wuzzies is a piece of cake. All those trichomes allow it to soak up every drop of moisture available and provide protection from the sun. They are drought tolerant and do well in a home environment. If you like low maintenance, this is the air plant for you.

Mist your Gardneri 4 – 7 times per week or dunk it in a bowl of water once weekly. Gardneri is drought tolerant and can survive for weeks without water but it is not ideal. If water gets caught in the base it will cause rot. Check out our in-depth guide for watering air plants.

This is one air plant that you shouldn’t soak. Too much water contact can cause the trichomes to stick to the leaves and the plant to rot.

Read on to learn more about caring for Gardneri……

Care Summary

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