All About Tillandsia Pruinosa x Velutina

All About Tillandsia Pruinosa x Velutina

Pruinosa x Velutina is a man-made hybrid of T. pruinosa and T. velutina with a deep pink color. It has a slightly curly, upright growth pattern with a somewhat bulbous base. If given enough light, it blushes a beautiful pink.

These are small plants. Most plants are between 2-6 inches tall. The leaves are thin and soft with fairly prominent trichomes. The trichomes give it a fuzzy appearance.

Pruinosa x Velutina is probably not the best plant for beginners but still easy to care for especially if you are familiar with bulbous air plants.

All About Caring for Tillandsia Pruinosa x Velutina

They have great color so it’s easy to tell if your air plant is getting enough light. If the pink color starts fading to green, it needs more light. Pruinosa x Velutina will easily start to fade in color so supplement with a grow light if necessary

If it gets too dry, the plant will deflate a little and the leaf tips will brown. Once it’s hydrated, the plant will fill out with more volume. It’s important not to get water caught in the base. Check out our How to Water Air Plants Guide for instructions on watering bulbous air plants.

Read on to learn more about caring for Pruinosa x Velutina……

USDA Zone 11-12

Water Pruinosa x Velutina by soaking for 30 minutes to 1 hour once per week. This plant also does very well with daily misting if you prefer to mist. Always dry it upside down. If water gets caught in the base it will cause rot. Check out our in-depth guide for watering air plants.

These are small air plants with most growing to about 6 inches tall.

Pruinosa x Velutina needs bright indirect light to induce blushing. It can survive with lower light but will not maintain a pink color. Often south and east-facing windows get the best light.

NO SOIL. Soil will kill most air plants.

The ideal humidity is 50% or higher. Pruinosa x Velutina can survive on less but they may need longer soaks if the air is dry.

Air plants are non-toxic and safe for children and pets.

Use an air plant specific fertilizer or dilute orchid fertilizer. The ideal ratio for Tillandsia is 16-9-25.

Propagate from pups and seeds.

All About Tillandsia Pruinosa x Velutina

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