10 Colorful Air Plants

colorful air plant

Air Plants are so much fun. They don’t need soil so you can put them almost anywhere with enough light and airflow. They can be hung in windows, mounted on driftweed, and displayed in terrariums, the options are endless.

Some tillandsias even maintain their blush year-round making for a colorful, decorative plant. Here’s our list of 10 Colorful Air Plants that will keep their color all year.

aeranthos the black

1. Aeranthos the Black

Aeranthos the Black is one of a few air plants with a natural black color.

These are relatively small. Most plants are between 3-4 inches tall and wide.

As with other cultivators of aeranthos, it’s easy to care for and a great air plant for beginners.

Learn more about Aeranthos the Black here.

Find an Aeranthos the Black here.

2. Hondurensis

This gorgeous air plant has thick, curved leaves and prominent trichomes, giving it a shimmering appearance.

These grow to around six inches wide and have a stunning pink to purple color making them popular among collectors.

Fair warning, these are very fragile and the leaves easily break. Always handle it carefully.

Learn all about Hondurensis here.

Find a Tillandsia Hondurensis here.

3. Schatzlii Red X

Schatzlii Red, also called Schatzlii Red X is a man-made air plant mystery hybrid. No one knows who created it.

These little beauties are super easy to care for and have great year-round color.

If you are looking for an air plant that stays on the smaller side, these are perfect!

Find Schatzlii Red X here.

Learn more about Schatzlii Red X.

4. Capitata Rubra

The Tillandsia Capitata Rubra is a gorgeous Capitata that blushes a pinkish-red.

These have soft, thick leaves and grow to around 10 inches wide. The plant has a somewhat closed rosette that really opens and fans out before it blooms.

Rubras are easy to care for and fairly easy to come by.

Learn all about Capitata Rubra.

Find a Capitata Rubra here.

Capitata Rubra colorful air plant
10 colorful air plants

5. Capitata v Domingengsis

Tillandsia Capitata v Domingengsis is a capitata species from the Dominican Republic.

These stay smaller than other varieties of capitata and have a deep burgundy color.

It grows naturally high above sea level and blushes a reddish pink. It also has a beautiful purple bloom.

Learn more about Capitata v Domingengsis here.

6. Aeranthos Mini Purple

Mini Purples are one of my favorite air plants! They are small and have a beautiful soft purple color.

These stay between 1-3 inches, have gorgeous pink flowers, and maintain their purple much better than other air plants with natural color.

Learn more about Aeranthos Mini Purple here.

10 colorful air plants
10 Colorful Air Plants

7. Loveknot

Tillandsia Loveknot is a stunning manmade hybrid of T. capitata and T. streptophylla. It has soft leaves that twist and twirl. Sometimes recurving and sometimes standing upright.

They are a little more expensive and considered collector’s items but fairly easy to find and care for.

Learn more about Loveknot here.

8. Montana the Black

Tillandsia Montana the Black is another rare air plant that blushes nearly black! These will maintain their black color year-round if given enough bright-indirect light.

Montana the Black is inexpensive for a rare plant and easy to care for. Just remember they are water hogs and don’t like to dry out.

Learn more about Montana the Black here.

10 Colorful Air Plants
10 Colorful Air Plants

9. Pruinosa Velutina

Tillandsia Pruinosa x Velutina is a made-made hybrid with a beautiful, natural pink color.

It’s on the fuzzier side due to its T. pruinosa parentage and has a slightly bulbous base. They stay small and are perfect for windowsills.

Pruinosa x Velutina is a little more difficult to care for than other air plants so not the best plant for complete beginners.

Learn more about Pruniosa x Velutina here.

10. Capitata Maroon

Noticing a pattern yet? Tillandsia Capitata is full of colorful cultivators and the Maroon is one of my absolute favorites.

It is a large growing air plant with a deep red blush. And it is one of the few air plants that can be grown in a loose soil mix!

Learn more about Capitata Maroon here.

10 Colorful Air Plants


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