All About Norfolk Pilea

Pilea involucrata ‘Norfolk’

The Pilea involucrata, or Norfolk Friendship Plant, gets its playful nickname from how easy and rapidly it grows roots from propagation.

The Norfolk variety of this fun houseplant has deep green to bronze-colored foliage with silvery stripes and heavily textured leaves. These beauties grow little pink flowers when they are in bloom.

One of the features that also make this plant highly desirable is that it is non-toxic and Pet Safe.

norfolk pilea

How To Care for Norfolk Pilea

Pileas are known for being relatively easy to care for.

Their compact growth makes them perfect for kitchen window sills and office desks.

You can pot them up an inch or two every two years or once the roots start growing out of the bottom of the pot. They don’t particularly like to be root bound and it may cause them to dry out too quickly.

Pinch back any unwanted growth or if you want to have a bushier, fuller plant.

If you take cuttings they grow roots pretty quickly, hence the nickname ‘Friendship Plant’.

Read on to learn more about caring for Norfolk Pilea ……

Care Summary

How to Propagate Norfolk Pilea

Propagating the Norfolk is a piece of cake! Just follow the directions below.

1. Take a stem cutting from your plant that has three to four leaves on it.

2. Place the stem one inch deep into a potting mix or into a cup of water for water rooting.

3. Keep the soil moist and warm for best rooting conditions and you should have growth in a couple of weeks. You can use this method to create new plants from cuttings or to fill out a current plant and make it larger and bushier.

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