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Tillandsia Harrisii Care

All About Tillandsia Harrisii

Tillandsia harrisii is a captivating epiphytic bromeliad that effortlessly captures the imagination with its ethereal beauty. Native to the trees and rocks of Guatemala, this remarkable plant belongs to the vast and diverse family of bromeliads, renowned for their ability to thrive in unconventional environments. With its delicate, silvery-green-purple leaves...

10 fuzzy air plants

10 Fuzzy Air Plants

When we say “Fuzzy Air Plant”, it means the Tillandsia in reference has prominent Trichomes. Trichomes are the little white hairs that all Air Plants have, and their primary function is absorbing water and nutrients, like roots do for potted plants. The term “Trichome” is derived from the Greek “Trikhoma” which means to cover with hair. Generally speaking, the more prominent the Trichomes are on an Air Plant, the easier it is to water, and the more drought tolerant it is. By nature, these “fuzzy” Tillandsia are some of the easier ones to care for! There are exceptions, of course, but I made a list of some of my favorite fuzzy plants.