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All About Gynura aurantiaca

Keep Your Gynura aurantiaca From Dying

The Purple Passion plant, scientifically known as Gynura aurantiaca, is a beautiful houseplant with striking purple leaves. While it’s easy to care for, there are common mistakes that can harm its health. By being aware of these pitfalls and avoiding them, you can ensure your Purple Passion plant thrives and...

All About Hoya Tricolor Care

All About Hoya Carnosa Tricolor Care

Hoya Carnosa Variegata ‘Tricolor’, Hoya Krimson Queen Wax Plant, Wax Flower, Porcelain Flower Hoya Carnosa Variegata also known as Tricolor and Krimson Queen, is an epiphytic plant native to Thailand, The Philippines, and Malaysia. Carnosa has oval-shaped leaves of white, cream, pink and green. New leaves emerge white and pink,...