All About Tillandsia Velutina Care

All About Tillandsia Velutina Care

Tillandsia Velutina is one of a few varieties of air plants with year-round, natural color. Depending on the amount of light it gets, the color can be green, pink, red, or anywhere in between. Often they will take on a rainbow of colors.

Velutina is a larger growing air plant that has a small inflorescence with purple flowers. Velutinas have soft leaves and fairly prominent trichomes, giving them a lovely shimmer. When in bloom, they blush a bright coral pink.

All About Caring for Tillandsia Velutina

These are easy to care for and a great colorful air plant; however, they are not always blushing. Higher light helps to induce color but is not guaranteed. They show their best colors when blooming.

When the air plant is too dry, its leaves will start to fold inwards and the plant will deflate a little. However, it is normal for the lower, older leaves to fold at the base. Once it’s hydrated, the leaves will open and the plant will fill out. Read How to Water Air Plants to learn more.

Velutina is a prolific upper, especially when grown in humid environments.

It’s easy to care for and a great colorful air plant for beginners. Read on to learn more about caring for Velutina……

All About Tillandsia Velutina Care
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